The Power of Camp: Part I

The Power of Camp: Part I

Welcome to our new Mission Springs website. God is up to something at this wonderful camp. Over the next few weeks I want to reflect with you about “The Power of Camp”.

I’ve said before, it is one thing to admire a tree, and a completely different thing to climb a tree, to experience its grandeur, touch its bark, walk trails and bask in the towering beauty of the Redwood trees.

We can all appreciate pictures of the ocean, but it’s another thing to put on a wet suit, grab a surfboard, and paddle out into the icy water with a group of camp friends.

We can all appreciate pictures of a nighttime sky on our phone’s wallpaper screen. It’s a completely different experience altogether to sit under a canopy of midnight blue with the stars sparkling above.

The power of camp is getting away and truly experiencing God’s Creation, strolling along a trail, catching the first rays of sunshine peeking through the trees, feeling the leaves crunch beneath your feet and smelling the damp earth as the soil warms.

We are often a culture of spectators. We watch, dissect and critique content online. We admire the beauty in pixels. We play video games and comment on how beautiful the graphics are. But, there is a huge difference between enjoying something virtually and truly being there.

Camp gives us the gift of experience. Being present. Immersion. Face-to-face and toe-deep in God’s creation. Camp helps us renew our wonder in our great God and His beauty. That’s part of the power of camp.