The Power of Camp: Part 2

The Power of Camp: Part 2

Camp does a lot of things well. It brings people together and breaks up monotonous routines. It creates reasons for road trips and excuses to make up songs for just about anything.

One of the most unique qualities of camp is the ability to reveal certain sides of campers that otherwise might be overlooked in everyday life.

Summer camp encourages you to express your silly side, your “appreciation for nature” side, your “let’s have an adventure” side.

With the relaxed environment at camp, it’s easy to welcome fun. Laughter is a companion at every afternoon rec activity and dining hall meal. Camp counselors are known for being curators of fun, and they know how to help you step out of your shell to join the silliness.

If there’s a time to leap out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges, it’s at camp. Beginning the first day you set foot on camp, you’re in for an incredible adventure. You could be climbing a tower, zip-lining down a mountain or racing around our mini bike course. Your thrill-seeking side will love it!

The power of camp can be summed up like this, everyone needs a…

Change of Pace + Change of Place = A Change in Perspective.

Chuck Wysong

May God become more alive in each camper this summer as they unplug from technology, enjoy God’s incredible creation and take one step closer to Jesus.

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