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Do you want to be challenged and grow in your faith while seeing God transform the lives of 100’s of elementary and middle school students? Are you desiring to live and share your life in a community of people in the Santa Cruz Redwoods? Frontier Ranch offers summer job opportunities to individuals who want to make a difference in the world.

8 Weeks of Employment

Conflicting school schedules can be accommodated in some cases. 

Everyone has the opportunity to be involved with kids and the program. Everyone will have the option to get involved with evangelism, skits, song leading, camp-outs, and bunking with cabin groups as time permits. We like to have as many of our staff as possible certified in CPR and Standard First Aid but is not required for all positions (CPR and First Aid training is required for most instructor positions).

Minimum Qualifications for All Frontier Ranch Jobs:

A person who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, integrity, and good moral character.

18 years old, with the exception of JR STAFF.

Experience working with students ranging from 4th through 12th grades.

A passion to love people & have patience in dealing with them.

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Job Descriptions

  • Counselors | Male Counseling Positions Filled

    Responsible for the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of a group of 6 campers each week.

    Ability to lead inductive Bible studies, have one-on-one interactions with campers, and actively participate in recreational activities.

    Must be in good health and be prepared for a physically and emotionally challenging summer.

    Current First Aid and CPR training preferred. Lifeguard training helpful.

  • Team Counselors | Positions Filled

    College graduates preferred.

    Responsible for mentoring, supporting, and encouraging all summer staff.

    Organize and lead morning staff devotions and occasional weekend outings.

    Must have leadership skills in order to help in the general running of camp and in making daily decisions.

    Previous camp counseling experience preferred.

  • Program Team | Positions Filled

    College graduates preferred.

    Responsible for being up front and running our morning chapel and evening campfire programs as well as all meal times.

    Provide leadership in implementing theme, skit organization, staff involvement, and spiritual focus throughout camp.

    Must be willing to take charge, have good communication skills, and a sense of humor.

  • Health Aid | Position Filled

    First Aid and CPR certification required.

    Assist the RN with the organization and distribution of camper/staff medications. Implementation of first aid in both minor and major injuries, with support of RN and emergency services. Communicating medical information with parents, directors, and medical professionals.

    Must relate well to campers and parents.

  • Worship Leader | Position Filled

    Please note: Our Worship Leader fulfills another position at camp; please indicate on your application other jobs you would like to do.

    Responsible for leading a variety of songs for our morning and evening chapel services.

    Must have experience leading groups in worship and be able to explain what worship is and why we do it.

    Will also fill another position on staff such as an instructor, support staff or part of the leadership team.

  • Mini Bike Instructor | Position Filled

    Must have basic mechanical aptitude, some riding experience, and First Aid/CPR certification.

    Responsible for organizing and running a safe mini bike program including daily instruction, routine motorcycle maintenance, and track grooming.

    Will participate in and assist with other aspects of camp program including recreation and chapel times.

    Must be extremely patient and able to teach kids how to ride motorcycles, build their confidence, and teach them about God.

  • Challenge Course Team | Position Filled

    Must have First Aid/CPR certification.

    Responsible for maintaining, operating, and insuring the safe use of all challenge activities (ropes course, zip line, flying squirrel, climbing tower and other adventure elements).

    Must be encouraging and have an interest in challenge course events and group dynamics.

    Will participate in and assist with other aspects of camp program including recreation and chapel times.

  • Surf Instructor | Position Filled

    This job is also part of the Challenge Course Team (see above)

    Must have First Aid/CPR certification.

    Responsible for developing and implementing a safe surf program for Frontier Ranch.

    Responsible for care and maintenance of all surf equipment.

    Must be patient and able to teach in a positive and encouraging manner.

    Must be proficient at surfing to a level appropriate to teach others.

  • Rancher | Postion Filled

    Responsible for conducting a hands-on, safe ranching program, which teaches kids how to handle the farm animals (goats, donkey, chickens, ducks, etc.).

    Maintain barn area including feeding of animals and cleaning their pens.

    Must have a heart for animals, knowledge in caring for animals, and a desire to teach campers about animals.

    Will participate in and assist with other aspects of camp program including recreation and chapel times.

  • Kitchen Assistant

    Must be at least 17 and going into your senior year. The kitchen team works together in shifts. It is a great opportunity to exercise servant qualities and make some close relationships.

    Responsible for assisting the cooks in meal preparation, and cleaning the camp kitchen.

    Requires hard work and moderate lifting. Must be willing to learn quickly and receive instruction with a cheerful attitude.

  • Retail Manager | Position Filled

    Responsible for the overall function of the Frontier Bob’s/Elwood’s Crafts/Frontier Freeze.

    Responsible for cash handling for all 3 stores. Finds fun and engaging ways of marketing food and clothing to the weekly campers.

    Works closely with Mission Springs retail director to keep inventory stocked.

    Must have the ability to supervise workers in All 3 stores. The manager spends the majority of the day in Frontier Bob’s.

    Assist in evening program activities.

    Retail experience desired.

  • Activities Coordinator | Positions Filled

    Responsible for designing and running a recreation program for approx. 150 elementary or jr. high students, including morning and evening games.

    Must have good communication skills to coordinate staff to help run games, explain games to campers, and motivate staff and campers for team competition.

    Must also be skilled in large group facilitation and have experience running games for elementary and/or junior high students.

  • Administrative Assistant | Positions Filled

    Responsible for helping with camper registration, financial records, camper data collection, program team support, lost and found, and other administrative tasks.

    Will provide general administrative support for camp.

    Must have excellent organizational skills, relate well with parents, and have strong computer skills.

  • Audio Tech | Postion Filled

    Please note: Our Audio Tech fulfills another position at camp; please indicate other jobs you would like to do on your application.

    Responsible for running sound and lights for evening campfire program and set-up, tear down, and proper care of all sound equipment.

    Will work with the Program Team to create a successful evening program, including music selection.

    Will also fill another position on staff such as an instructor, support staff, or part of the leadership team.

  • Media Team | Position Filled

    Video Tech

    Responsible for shooting video throughout each week of camp and editing the raw footage into a 10-15 minute camper video to be sold at the end of each week.

    Will maintain and care for all video equipment.

    Must have significant experience shooting video and non-linear editing skills as well as the ability to work well in pressure situations.


    Responsible for taking still photos of all aspects of camp during the week, editing photos, and paring them down for daily uploading to website and Facebook.

    Must have significant related experience including still photo shooting and editing skills, technical aptitude, and the ability to work well in pressure situations as well as the ability to take direction and multi-task, be responsible, well organized, and work with minimal supervision.

    Will participate in and assist with other aspects of camp program including recreation and chapel times.

    We prefer that you have your own equipment; insurance for your equipment will be included.

  • Maintenance

    Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

    Responsible to clean and maintain buildings and grounds, and help with maintenance projects. Must be able to take initiative, work hard, and be self-motivated.

    Basic skills in carpentry, plumbing, and power equipment operation desired.

  • Jr Staff Coordinator | Positions Filled

    Responsible for supervising our team of high school JR STAFF through Bible studies, discipleship, and encouragement.

    Will work alongside JR STAFF in kitchen duties to model servant leadership.

    Will work with counselors to maximize the development of JR STAFF.

    Must have significant leadership experience with high school students and be willing to lead by example.

  • Jr Staff

    Must be 16 years old by June 1, or entering your junior year of high school.

    Our goal is to develop leaders through service, ministry and an intentional community. Must be able to commit to 3-6 weeks of camp plus training week. Responsibilities include: helping with camper activities and recreation, food service duties, as well as assisting counselors in cabins. This is a volunteer position that requires an application with references, and a fee to participate. Ministry-related experience with children preferred. Must be willing to lead by example. See Jr Staff Application for more details.


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