Established in 1923

In 1923, during the second State Covenant Conference, a “land committee” was appointed to find property suitable for a summer camp. For the next two years, the committee searched for property around the Santa Cruz area. 45 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just outside Scotts Valley, was purchased for $6,000 by the Swedish Evangelical Missionary Association of California from the Houghton Family for the purpose of having a permanent place to hold summer conferences, ultimately expanding to its current 200 acres.


How did Mission Springs get its name? Miss Carolyn Engstrom of Oakland was credited with coming up with the name Mission Springs. She said, “The folks interested in this place are Mission Friends and the purpose of the Summer Conference to be held here is to work for missions, home and foreign, as well as to make people ‘Mission Minded’. Then too, we have a spring of crystal clear water on the grounds, a spring which will never run dry. Remembering that the followers of Christ should be springs or ‘rivers of living water’, I do not think we can find a better name for this place than “Mission Springs”

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