Introducing the Redwood Chapel Memorial Prayer Garden!

Introducing the Redwood Chapel Memorial Prayer Garden!

Prayer Garden

An exciting project we have been working on is near completion: the memorial prayer garden outside of Redwood Chapel. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Mike and Kathy Holmgren, this area is almost complete and will be a wonderful space for prayer, meditation, and remembrance.


  • A beautiful path that criss-crosses the hillside in front of the chapel
  • Multiple meditation platforms along the way
  • A water feature next to the memorial plaza
  • A wooden cross in front of the entrance
  • At the top of the hill a new natural amphitheatre and teaching area

Donate by Purchasing a Paver

You can be a part of the Redwood Memorial Prayer Garden! We invite you to purchase a paver in the pathway that crisscrosses the hillside next to Redwood Chapel. Proceeds will go to upgrading our current Redwood Chapel and other ministry opportunities.

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