Dietary FAQ’s

Do you have questions about meals at camp? Potential allergens? Dietary needs? You are in the right place. Here are some common questions guest have. Don’t see the answer you are looking for? Contact us here, we’d be happy to help!

  • What special diets are currently being accommodated?
    • Gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • Dairy and gluten free
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegetarian and dairy free diets

    Our kitchen will have a gluten free or a vegetarian option available during meal time.

  • What if my special diet isn’t being accommodated or is not listed?

    We recommend that you bring your own supplemental food with you to camp. A menu can be requested two weeks in advance to help navigate your special diet needs.

  • What is the process for someone with a special dietary need during meal times?

    During meal times please find a kitchen staff member to receive substitute options for diets that we accommodate. Kitchen staff members monitor the buffet lines constantly or can be found at the kitchen door/window.

    If you have other foods or ingredients that you are allergic to or avoiding, please speak with a kitchen staff member before proceeding through the buffet line to help identify which foods are safe to eat.

  • What information should I know about your cooking process?

    Our kitchen uses cooking oils that are soy free.

    We do not cook with nut products directly, but some of our food does come from facilities that also process nut products. These foods are granola, granola bars, and cookies.


  • What if I want/need to bring food from home?

    If food is being brought from home, please adhere to the following for the safety of yourself as well as others:

    • Any food sent from home must be in a closed container such as Tupperware or Ziploc. If the food comes in its own container, (i.e. cereal boxes or chip bags), it still must be placed inside a closed container.
    • Your name and the group’s name you are attending Mission Springs with must be written in permanent marker on the outside of the container.
    • Do not send/bring: any nuts or products processed in a facility with nuts, or any fish/shellfish products.
    • All foods should be microwave ready. Our staff, in accordance with Santa Cruz County Health Codes, is NOT PERMITTED to handle or prepare outside foods in our kitchen or on our equipment. We have a microwave for you to use in the dining hall. 
    • The dining hall has a household sized fridge and freezer unit for your food to be stored in and accessed during meals times. 
  • I still have some questions, who can I contact?
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