Bryan Wildes

Bryan started working as a summer staffer at Mission Springs in 2011 in the kitchen of all places. He came back for the next five summers and in 2016, found a way to work and live at Mission Springs. He continued working in the kitchen as a dishwasher and eventually started cooking at Frontier Ranch and the Conference Center. He continued to cook at Mission Springs until the pandemic when he moved back to Kingsburg, CA. In the summer of 2020, he returned back to cook in the kitchen and eventually took on the Director of Food Services position. He hails from Kingsburg, CA, and enjoys spending time working on computers and reading all Marvel and Star Wars lores and theories out there.

Wendy Cowell

As a Santa Cruz native, Wendy grew up swimming in the ocean, hiking in the redwoods, and bicycling throughout this county. Over the years her family has attended camps at Mission Springs and she always felt tremendous inspiration from being in this sacred place. Wendy is a puzzle solver, who loves to plan and organize. Working with computations and details is fun for her. Wendy’s accounting background includes banking, construction, property management, agriculture, and churches. It is truly a pleasure for her to serve with the Finance Team at Mission Springs. Wendy also enjoys bread-baking, beach walks, photography, and spending time with her family. Her greatest passion is to connect with people and help them know God‘s redeeming love.

Samantha Ash

Samantha was born and raised in Santa Cruz, about 15 minutes from Mission Springs. She actually attended the annual Mission Springs 4th of July carnival as a kid without realizing it until probably a decade later, when she was hired onto the Mission Springs food service team and somehow remembered the campus from childhood. She loved the kitchen, and our crew so much, that 6 years later she became Kitchen Manager, and thoroughly enjoy being on campus. She is a single mother of a little boy. When Samantha is am working she likes to wander around the gorgeous Mission Springs campus we are so blessed to live on, do crafts, have picnics, and enjoy time with loved ones.

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