Road Map to Camp 2021

Welcome Back!

Thanks for hanging in there with us while waiting for information about re-opening Mission Springs in 2021. At this time, we are now open for groups, and currently booking for the remainder of 2021. 

Below you will find a roadmap to guide you through changes we will be making in the new year and we hope that our navigation provides some clarity for you as you make decisions about returning to camp. We anticipate questions and welcome them, please email your guest group coordinator to discuss details for your group.

We are taking extra steps to help you with the contracting process and make it as streamlined as possible. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation.

Changes Ahead

For now, not forever!

  • Covid-19 Protocols This Summer

    CA Department of Public Health has released covid-19 guidance for overnight youth and family camps.

    Here’s how it applies to Mission Springs:

    • Face coverings are optional for vaccinated guests and staff.  Face coverings are recommended for unvaccinated guests and staff.
    • Face coverings are required by everyone while in the dining room to pick up meals.
    • Campers should be screened for COVID-19 symptoms when entering camp
      • All conference center guests will complete a health screening upon arrival (screening conducted by guest group leader).
    • Isolate anyone with symptoms and refer them for testing
      • Leave camp asap and get tested.
      • If persons can’t leave right away, they will be isolated until departure is possible (i.e., waiting for a parent to arrive).
    • Notify Santa Cruz County Health department of any positive test results
      • The guest group leader will inform Mission Springs staff asap if there is a known positive test.

    If the CA Department of Public Health amends this covid-19 guidance for overnight youth and family camps, we will follow suit and communicate to all staff and guests.

  • Check-in Experience

    Once you drive across the bridge, check-in is one of the first changes you will notice. Group leaders will now be responsible for having a health protocol for their participants at check-in in addition to the normal check-in process.

    We have an established health protocol to assist you at check-in, see the example below: 

    The following must take place before keys are distributed: 

    • Answer health screening and record temperatures
    • All participants will be required to sign a Mission Springs waiver
    • All participants will agree to wear masks while on the property and follow the State of California and Santa Cruz County social distancing guidelines. 

    We strongly recommend that groups have a dedicated “Health Liaison”. Someone besides the group leader who is responsible for the health screening pieces (health screen, recording temps, waivers).

  • Dining Experience

    We are able to serve meals to groups with a minimum of 70 and a maximum of 150 guests per meal. We have recently installed a new touchless handwashing station outside of the dining hall. All guests will be required to wash their hands before entering the dining hall to pick up their meal.

    • Face coverings are required by everyone while in the dining room to pick up meals.
    • Meals will be enjoyed outdoors at our existing tables and benches throughout camp
    • We are able to accommodate vegetarian diets with prior notice
  • Lodging Experience

    We have successfully been running the lodging side of operations since June 2020 and have significantly changed our cleaning and stocking processes to match guidelines and criteria to have lodging open. You will still be able to enjoy the rooms you have always enjoyed, however, there are still changes in regards to what will be provided. Select and economy lodging styles, you will need to provide your own:

    • Linens
    • Bedding
    • Towels

    Deluxe (Redwood Lodge) will still have rooms “fully made” including; linens, bedding, and towels

  • Meeting Experience
    • As highly recommended by Santa Cruz county health, plan to be outside as much as possible this summer. Your group coordinator will work closely with you to help plan.
    • Face coverings are optional for vaccinated guests and staff.  Face coverings are recommended for unvaccinated guests and staff.
  • Exclusive Groups

    At this time, We can book groups with a minimum of 60 people and a maximum of 150 people. We strongly encourage larger groups to keep a waitlist. As we are able to increase group sizes, we will let you know or contact us if you’d like to discuss the possibility of bringing your group over the course of several different timeframes.

Contract FAQ’s

No two contracts are alike as there are many variables in each contract specific to the group. Here are some of the changes you may have questions about.

Ready to Contract?

Please contact your Mission Springs Guest Group Coordinator, Julie Larson  or Rachel Lockridge to begin the booking process.

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